Strawberries are the only commercial horticultural crop grown at Forest Hill Farms.

Varieties have changed over the years with the current main varieties grown here originating from the US. These varieties come in under the Plant Breeders Rights set of rules and are grown out in Toolangi in Victoria. The three main day neutral varieties currently grown here at Forest Hill Farms are Albion, San Andreas and Monterey. All have excellent flavour and good shape and colour. They also have a pleasing aroma and no unpleasant after taste that was associated with some short day type varieties from a few years ago. All are excellent varieties and continue to please customers throughout WA.

Strawberries must be refrigerated between 0.5 – 2.0ÂșC at all times. Strawberries are often mishandled at the retail level where the temperature control is often too warm. Once the temperature goes above 2 degrees the shelf life of the product will be affected. The higher the temperature, the shorter the shelf life. Ask your retailer to get your strawberries from their cool store if they have had them on the store floor at room temperature to get the maximum life from the produce.


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