Solar Power Installation


Solar Power was installed on the packing shed roof in February 2014 to reduce power useage from the grid and to reduce the power costs. To begin with the roof had to be replaced as it leaked and had been patched for a number of years. This work was completed in one day as we needed the shed to pack the next day’s fruit.

These roof panels produce enough power during the day to power the whole shed and cool rooms and the irrigation pump. In many ways this system is a perfect fit as we use almost all the electricity in the day time during the Summer. This shed now has a protected roof, an overhang to the North and a double skin on the West and East walls which significantly reduces the heat load in the packing shed.

The 30kW solar system and 120 Q-Cell Panels installed at Forest Hill Farms generate up to 210 units a day during the Summer.


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